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There are a variety of reasons why an individual decides to practice aikido. Some want to improve their overall physical wellbeing, coordination and flexibility; others want to find spiritual enrichment and improved mindfulness; still others are seeking a martial practice that includes weapons and other training.

There is no wrong time to begin aikido. Students ages 16 and up of all abilities and backgrounds are welcome. All one needs is an open spirit and a desire to work hard. Your skill level in another sport or activity may not necessarily help you with this unique martial practice. Although your fitness will improve, aikido is not about strength, nor is it competitive. Students of all levels of experience train together on the mat and learn from each other.

As a new practitioner, your first three months of training will be exciting, challenging and sometimes daunting. The chief instructor and members will work with you at a safe and appropriate but challenging level. Only half of the practice of aikido is applying a technique – the other half is protecting yourself and learning to fall safely. Learning how to fall and roll is the essential first step of aikido. You may find, after your first class, that you've used muscles you had no idea you had. You will feel it and this is normal.

New Students
Aikido at Hawks Hill Kamiza

New Students

Older teens and adults, ages 16 and up are welcome to join at any time. You will work with the chief instructor and senior students to learn how to fall and roll safely, deliver and evade strikes as well as practice mindfulness. The training here is rigorous but rewarding. You may sign up immediately but it is encouraged that you watch a class before training. 

Ongoing Enrollment:


Tuition for the first month is $205 and includes a gi.

Tuition dues for every month thereafter is $145. 


You may register and pay online or contact us here to register and pay in-person. We will arrange for you to pick your gi. You will be required to sign a liability waiver before you begin training. We accept cash and check if paying in-person.

The mat fee for visiting aikidoka is $40.

If you pay and register online, there is a $7 processing fee for debit and credit cards.

*Please arrive in your street clothing and change into your gi at the dojo. There are dressing rooms available for changing. If you have additional questions, please contact us here. 

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Private Classes

Aikido at Hawks Hill offers private classes to those ages 16 and up who would like to join the dojo, but for various reasons cannot yet join group classes. Private classes require twice-a-week attendance to study aikido and include integration of Japanese sword and short-staff weapons training.


These classes are great for those who struggle to fit training into their schedule or for those who are nervous about starting in large groups. Train with the chief instructor and a senior student who will assist in technique demonstration. Individualized attention ensures that you will gain confidence towards joining group classes. Private classes can be taken individually or with one additional person.


Tuition is $125 per class but can be discounted when you sign up with a spouse, friend, or family member. We encourage you to watch a class before purchasing private classes. Private classes do not include a gi and are intended to be a temporary stepping stone for two months before a student must determine if they will join group classes. If you register and pay online below, there is a $7 processing fee for debit and credit cards. To sign up and pay in-person, please contact us here. We accept cash or check if paying in-person. Upon signing up, we will arrange for you to pick up your gi. 

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Read Reviews and Testimonials



I have been enjoying my time at the dojo far beyond my original expectations. The welcoming community has been incredible. The challenges have motivated me to become better throughout various aspects of my life. So the lessons learned don’t stop when I leave the dojo. It has become “a way of life” in that sense and I’m grateful for that.



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