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"Acupuncture serves as a bridge between traditional wisdom and modern science, offering a natural path to wellness and vitality."
                                                                                                        — Dr. Mao Shing Ni   

Welcome to Acupuncture at Hawks Hill, a serene wellness retreat nestled on a picturesque 90-acre farm where holistic healing harmonizes with natural beauty. Justin Coletti, Licensed Acupuncturist, stands as a seasoned holistic practitioner, dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative path to enhanced health and well-being. With acupuncture treatments that blend ancient wisdom and contemporary research, clients benefit from proven results such as improved pain relief, sleep quality, stress reduction, mental clarity, hormonal regulation, and fertility enhancement.

Did you know? According to a study published in the Journal of Pain, acupuncture has been shown to significantly reduce chronic pain compared to standard treatments, reinforcing its efficacy in pain management and orthopedic care. Go to our FAQs page to learn more. Revitalize your well-being with acupuncture and wellness services.

Exciting news – Justin Coletti L.Ac. is accepting new patients!


Experience the transformative, healing power of acupuncture by scheduling your appointment online today. Your journey to optimal health begins here!


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Specializing in pain management, orthopedic care, and sports performance optimization, Justin crafts personalized solutions addressing issues like back pain, joint discomfort, and sports injuries.


By integrating traditional acupuncture techniques with complementary therapies, he strives to restore mobility and elevate your overall quality of life. Recognizing the interplay between hormonal health, fertility, and wellness, our clinic also offers natural strategies to foster hormonal balance and reproductive well-being.

Embrace your health journey with Justin's guidance, fostering resilience and equilibrium across physical, mental, and emotional dimensions of life. Visit our tranquil farm setting to discover firsthand how acupuncture can cater to your unique needs, enhancing pain management, hormonal balance, and fertility support.


Ready to unlock your body's natural healing potential? Book your first acupuncture treatment today and experience the transformative power of holistic wellness. Choose from a variety of treatment services below.

Looking for a personalized Chinese Herbal remedy? Read about Justin's process of creating individualized herbal formulas for a variety of aliments below. 
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Get Directions to Acupuncture at Hawks Hill here or on the map below.

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